Trend Micro CWShredder 2.19

Trend Micro CWShredder is the premier tool to find and remove traces of CoolWebSearch – the name for a wide range of insidious browser hijackers– from your PC. CWShredder removes these browser hijackers. CoolWebSearch installs dozens of bookmarks–mostly to porn Web sites–on your desktop, changes your home page without asking, and continually changes it back if you attempt to correct it. Furthermore, it significantly slows down the performance of your PC, and introduces modifications … [Read more...]

PC Anti-Hijacker 1.20

PC Anti-Hijacker is a powerful anti-spyware tool that immunizes and prevents spyware, adware, malware from being installed in your computer. While it protect your computer against known malicious or dangerous websites. The System Anti-Hijack Module is also very helpful that lists the key content of your computer system, you can manage your computer easily and intuitively.Main Features:- Remove Browser Home Page Hijackers. - Remove Browser Search Page Hijackers. - Remove Local Page, About Page … [Read more...]

Process Patrol 2.01

Process Patrol helps you detect and stop spyware, adware, and virus processes on your Windows computer.Version 2 of Process Patrol, the popular anti spyware and adware product, is now available!Have spyware, adware, malware, and other forms of badware taken over your computer? These programs can slow your computer down to a crawl, and bombard you with popup ads. If you think your computer is infected, then download a free copy of our anti spyware and adware product and start regaining control of … [Read more...]

EliteToolbar Remover 2.1.2

Actually some software like Spybot v.1.3, CWShredder v.2.12, Noadware, Adaware v.6, SpyNuker 2004 and SBC Yahoo! Anti-spy have no-success in deleting the latest Elitetoolbar malware variants. These programs find and delete it, but it keeps coming back since this new variant is very hard to be cleaned from the operative system...The only thing you have to do is to reboot your machine in Safe Mode (just click onto F8 key the same moment the pc is starting, before the MS Windows flag screen) and … [Read more...]

Symantec Adware.Istbar Removal Tool 1.1.0

Adware.Istbar is an adware component, which does one or more of the following:Installs an Internet Explorer toolbar Acts as a Home page and search hijackerThis risk is often distributed with Adware.SideFind and Trojan.ISTsvc and can be downloaded from a Web page using an ActiveX installer.Symantec Security Response has developed a removal tool for Adware.Istbar. Use this removal tool first, as it is the easiest way to remove this threat.Download: Symantec Adware.Istbar Removal Tool 1.1.0 … [Read more...]