Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1

Internet Explorer 6 SP1, the latest version of Internet Explorer for users not running Windows XP, provides a flexible and reliable browsing experience with enhanced Web privacy features for all Windows users. This version includes a full installation of the Web browser and the most recent version of Outlook Express, the e-mail client that is included with Internet Explorer.System Requirements• Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000; Windows 98; Windows ME; Windows NT; Windows XP … [Read more...]

IETab 1.0

IETab is the first software that makes IE a tabbed browser. It is a small IE toolbar plugin and is 100% FREE. NO registration, NO spyware. NO adware. NO malware. NO ghostware. Now you don't need to download and install another tabbed browser, such as Maxthon browser, Avant browser, Netcaptor, or Firefox just want to use the tabbed browsing feature.Download: IETab 1.0 … [Read more...]

Internet Explorer turns 10

The first Microsoft product I ever shipped, Windows 95, launched 10 years ago today. Around the same time we also launched Internet Explorer 1.0 (thought with considerably less fanfare), which quickly gave way to IE 2.0 (which shipped with the Plus! Pack for Windows 95). 6 years later we launched Windows XP, which shipped IE 6.0. That’s more or less 1 new version of IE a year for 6 years. Of course the pace with which we ship versions of IE has dropped off since then with our most notable … [Read more...]