Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5 Beta for Windows 7

The Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5 (Beta) installs the Windows Live ID online provider for Windows 7. By making it possible to link a Windows Live ID to a Windows 7 user account, this online provider helps enable Windows 7 applications to deliver great features like sharing documents, pictures, music, and video. Through the online provider, the Sign-in Assistant helps a Windows 7 application running on one computer identify and communicate with other computers that are associated with … [Read more...]

Update for Windows 7 Beta (KB961367)

Install this update to resolve live and recorded TV issues in Windows Media Center, recorded TV playback issues in Windows Media Player, and MP3 file corruption issues in Windows. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. This update is provided to you and licensed under the Windows 7 Pre-Release License Terms. System Requirements • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 Download: Update for Windows 7 Beta (KB961367) … [Read more...]