EZ 7z 0.581

EZ 7z is an application which acts as a GUI for p7zip/7za. It supports: :: Compression:: Decompression:: Listing the contents of an archive:: Listing the integrity of an archive It can decompress 7z, zip, and a few other formats and compress 7z files. Download: EZ 7z 0.581 Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later … [Read more...]

FreeZip 1.4.9

FreeZip is a small, fast and efficient Zip utility for compression and decompression of files and directories. FreeZip integrates with Windows Explorer and uses file associations and context menus to zip or unzip files and subdirectories. If you know how to use Windows Explorer, then you do not have to learn anything new to use FreeZip. The setup is a single-click process and there are no options or settings involved. The manual is in English, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Swedish, German, Latvian, … [Read more...]

ZippHO 3.0.6

ZippHO is an easy to use file archiver • In order to open a compressed file, you simply double click (or a single click if you have Active Desktop enabled) on one of the archives listed in My Computer or Windows Explorer; or you can drag and drop the archive on the empty window of ZippH, or still, you can use the dialogue window "Open". In the main window of ZippHO are listed file name, file size and date/time of all files included in the open archive. It is possible to sort this list … [Read more...]

Filzip 3.06

Filzip is an archiving utility with full support (add and extract) for ZIP (including Quake III's PK3),BH (BlakHole), CAB (Microsoft Cabinet),JAR (JavaARchive), LHA (LZH), TAR and GZIP(TAR.GZ) • Extracting support for several other archive formats: ACE, ARC, ARJ, RAR, ZOO• Support for internet encoded files .UUE and .XXE • Standard archive operations like add, extract, delete or view files from archive, and other functions like renaming files within ZIP archives, viewing … [Read more...]

DiskInternals ZIP Repair 1.0

The zip file format is the most popular form of data storage. It is widely used for backup and transfer of information over the internet. As any format with a well-defined structure, it is highly sensitive to corruptions. In case of even a minor corruption of the file structure standard zip tools will no be able to extract its content. This is because all zip tools check archives for integrity. If CRC values of the original files of an archive don't match the extracted ones, the standard tools … [Read more...]

PIMPLE 1.43 Beta

PIMPLE is a free and useful file compression utility with high compression ratio. This program operates with a completely new PIM file format providing higher compression ratio than popular formats, such as ZIP and RAR. Key features- New, state-of-the-art compression engine, providing the world's best compression ratios- Original and simple user interface with drag-and-drop support - Compatible with removable devices such as USB flash and U3 smart drives- 100% freeDownload: PIMPLE 1.43 Beta … [Read more...]