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Simply the best media player available! Free video converter – YouTube downloader

ALLPlayer is one of the best available programs to watch films with subtitles in all formats registered in the system. One of the greatest advantages of ALLPlayer is the IQ SUBTITLES function (you manage to read every line of text with it). ALLPlayer also detects missing codecs needed to reproduce the movie and if needed, automatically downloads them from internet. It also has many other advantages such as: skins and skins editor, handling two monitors simultaneously, PlayList, Anti Freeze etc.

Plays ALL formats
One player for ALL known formats including DVD, DivX, XviD, Flash, MKV, RMVB, MKV, QuickTime, Flac, mp3, mp4, 3gp.

Subtitles Monster
ALLPlayer has a built-in special connection to the servers that enables you to instantly add subtitles to your movies.

IQ Text® – Inteligent subtitles
If you find that subtitles go by too quickly for you to read, you will appreciate our “IQ Text” feature, which ensures that subtitles appear long enough to make it easy to follow along.

Converter ALLtoAVI
This function will help you to convert new formats like x264 or MKV to the format appropriate for your DVD/DivX device. This function will be enhanced in the future to support YouTube recording, AVCHD, and Internet capturing.

AVI Doctor
Are you in the middle of a torrent download and want to preview the movie? With our AVI Doctor you can fix the incomplete file for previewing.
Thanks to support, with ALLPlayer you will be able to automatically download and share your subtitles. No more searching for Chinese or English subtitles. You will have them all at your fingertips.

Our PlayList support enables you to easily manage large collections of audio and video and to create custom playlists. Perfect for Home Disco Parties and Karoake.

And much more!

AllPlayer is freeware

Download: ALLPlayer

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  1. Allplayer is so full of bugs.I would go into detail but dont have the time to list them all. Maybe down the road it will be a great app but needs some work now.

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