ATI Catalyst Mobility 11.7 Display Driver

by admin August 10, 2011 at 2:35 am

ATI Catalystâ„¢ Mobility Display Driver for Windows XP Professional/Home Edition

Catalyst – Unified Software Suite for the ultimate in – Performance, Stability, Visual Quality and Innovation

ATI is now offering the full Catalyst Software suite for Mobility Radeon X700 and X800 from Clevo, FIC, Arima, Uniwill, and Mitac.

Catalyst for Mobile Platforms

– For the first time ever in the graphics industry notebook users are able to download the latest Catalyst release every month to enhance their notebook PC.
– Catalyst Mobility includes all of the features found in the regular Catalyst Driver, plus mobile specific features such as, device switching, resume, hotkeys, and power management.
– Supported on Windows XP.

Download: ATI Catalyst Mobility 11.7 Display Driver for Windows XP


  1. I have an x800 on my Alienware laptop, which basically is a Clevo machine, and I too am having no luck in trying to install this version of the drivers.

    When looking into the installation script, my hardware id was not present anywhere in the script, and as such, the utility would continue to complain about not being able to find any compatible hardware to install drivers with.

    I have contacted ATI technical support commenting on the lack of including the proper hardware id for the x800, but for some reason they seem to have monkeys answering to my response. It came down to them responding that the drivers did not work with Windows
    Vista when clearly it stated that I was using Windows XP Pro. ATI, you are better then this!

  2. That’s bs. I have tried everything. The latest working ati drivers on an alienware m7700 with x800 are dated 6-14-05. That is BS. These latest drivers say that the hardware is not found. AGAIN *BS*

  3. for those not able to install and know for a fact that they have the video card, google a program called ati mobility modder made by driverhaven. Follow the instructions and it should work. BTW, it’s all the OEM’s fault, they tell ATI not to allow their computers to use the update so the consumer has to go out and by a new laptop.

  4. For all of you running Alienware laptops from about 2008 onward, the brand has been bought by Dell. Therefore, as Dell manufactures many of these laptops to their standard specs, this utility will be inoperable unless you built the system yourself.

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