Audiochecker 2.0 Beta (build 457)

by admin June 23, 2006 at 10:00 pm

Audiochecker checks the origin of APE, FLAC, SHN, WAV and LPAC files. The software can decide in most cases, whether the encoding is lossless or not (transcoded from other lossy, for example MP3 audio source). If not, the ‘lossless’ file is fake.

The software uses an outside method called auCDtect, developed by True-Audio Software. The percents given by Audiochecker are the result of the analysis of their software.

This software is FREEWARE. For operating correctly it needs the decoders of the file formats above and the auCDtect.EXE file. For further information please visit the following websites:

Monkey’s Audio:
CD records authenticity detector:

All of these programs are also freeware.

Download: Audiochecker 2.0 Beta (build 457)

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  1. From my own, limited experience I have to say that audiochecker is highly inaccurate when it comes to checking files that have been converted from one lossless format to another. Example: I have received an album in ALAC format but everything else I have is FLAC. So I converted the ALAC to FLAC. Audiochecker told me my FLAC files were MPEG with a probability of over 90%. I tried three different conversion methods: 1) ALAC > dBpoweramp > FLAC; 2) ALAC > foobar2000 > FLAC; and 3) ALAC > iTunes > WAV > flac front end > FLAC. In all three cases the resulting FLAC files were classified by audiochecker as MPEG. However, when I feed the intermediate WAV files from method 3 to auCDtect, the external routine that audiochecker uses, it classifies them as CDDA with more than 90% probability. So I have a situation where my lossless WAV files become lossy after I run them through the FLAC front end. Not likely!
    In summaryt: audiochecker probably has its benefits, but you need to be very careful before you condemn a file as “fake FLAC” just because audiochecker says so.

    Just my two cents worth.

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