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With the release of Windows 7 and the new Windows AIK, there has been a great deal of interest in booting these environments from flash media. Additionally, with the steady increase in Netbook popularity, many users have experienced difficulties trying to operate or install software without a CD/DVD drive. BootSage has been designed to easily overcome these problems by helping you create a bootable Windows 7 or WinPE flash drive from a simple, single interface.

BootSage supports all Windows operating systems starting with Windows XP through Windows 7, including Windows Server operating systems. Furthermore, the following are also required, and must be specified in order to start the process:

• Removable Flash Disk
• Windows 7 CD/DVD or WinPE project files. Note, the Windows files may be located on actual CD/DVD media, a folder on the local hard disk, or mounted as a virtual folder/DVD using Pismo, Daemon Tools, or other virtual media applications.

Please note, the Windows 7/WinPE files must match the platform of the operating system running this process. This means that a 64bit operating system can only build a flash drive with 64bit files, or 32bit-32bit.

BootSage consists of a single window with fields to specify the flash drive and Windows files.n Once the removable flash drive is selected and the Windows files have been recognized, the Start button will be enabled and you can begin the process.

Please note, all files, folders, and partition information will be removed from the flash media once the process is started. A new partition will be established on the disk, it will be formatted, set as bootable, and the specified files will be copied to the flash drive.

Download: BootSage

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  1. I have looked high and low for an app that will easily create a bootable Windows 7 installation flash drive, and BootSage worked perfectly! Even under Windows XP.

    Thanks for pointing me to it.

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