Chat Controller 1.3.0

by admin November 8, 2007 at 7:56 pm

Chat Controller gives parents the power they need to take control of their children’s instant messaging.

By using advanced detection techniques Chat Controller will effectively block all popular instant messengers. All without any complicated setups!

Chat Controller’s Key Features

– Create rules that determine when chatting is not allowed.
– Can have different and multiple rules for each user of the computer.
– Instant Messenger Audit tool scans your computer for all the popular instant messaging programs so you know what programs are on your computer.
– Chat Controller is secure – runs as a Windows Service and only administrators have access to Chat Controller.
– Can automatically synchronize your computer’s clock with the atomic clock.

Chat Controller is 100% free software.
No limitations. No strings. Just great software. For free.

Download: Chat Controller 1.3.0

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