CrossLoop 2.72

by admin March 16, 2010 at 6:20 pm

CrossLoop is a consumer Internet company that empowers everyone to help someone anywhere in the world with its free and easy-to-use software application for desktop sharing. CrossLoop connects computer users with trusted, qualified service providers and friends who can provide the support they need quickly and conveniently.

CrossLoop opens up a whole new world of collaborative possibilities. People of any level of technical expertise can now remotely collaborate with others over the Internet. Many of the problems and frustrations associated with using computers can be solved if those who have the answer to a PC problem can quickly link to those who have the problem.

Although most of us embrace technology in our lives, there is a technology paradox – along with tremendous benefit comes a high cost… we all get stuck from time to time and lose productivity. For some, it might be a date with the blue screen; for others it’s a need to eliminate the unlimited number of browser pop-ups that show up without an appointment. Have you ever found yourself in need of help with nowhere to turn? Have you ever spent hours on hold with a computer manufacturer only to realize they can’t solve the problem? We have.

CrossLoop believes everybody helps. Our vision embraces the philosophy that there is always someone with deep expertise in a particular area of focus – this is true in life as well as with technology. For example, a person who is excellent with optimizing the speed of a computer might need help with photo editing tools or someone with expertise in software development may need help with online marketing. Anyone should be able to find a trusted source for expertise they need. Those who have the expertise to make a difference should be able to easily share their knowledge and be recognized.

Inherently, there is tremendous potential for knowledge to be transferred – a grandparent who has been taught how to edit and post videos online should be able to take that knowledge to a peer. With CrossLoop, you can teach someone (or even a class) remotely. CrossLoop shrinks distances – between countries and between those who have and do not have expertise. In the process, we reduce our carbon footprint!

CrossLoop is available in 21 languages and is used by individuals and businesses in over 150 countries for technical support, training and collaboration.

Runs on Windows and Mac (Intel).

Note: The free version of CrossLoop is for personal use and it’s supported by advertising

Download: CrossLoop 2.72

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