Desktop Takeover 1.0 Build 105 Beta

by admin December 18, 2008 at 6:48 pm

With Desktop Takeover you can add photos to your computer’s background,… you can view the changing world through webcams on your wallpaper background,… have a photo albums constantly switching pictures so your desktop always has something exciting to look at.

Add photos to your desktop wallpaper with drag-and-drop ease

It seems that our desktop wallpaper is the most underused part of the computer desktop. Wallpaper could be a lot more than a fixed graphic that never changes. Creating your own wallpapers has never been easier. By simply dragging and dropping picture files onto the program, you can turn your desktop wallpaper into an ever changing picture frame which updates itself automatically as new pictures are added to photo albums which you can share with your family andclose friends, or even the world (if you choose to do so).

Multiple desktop support

Each monitor attached to your computer can have its own wallpaper layout, with its own image feeds, picture windows, and photo topics. There has never been a better reason to take advantage of your graphic card dual display capabilities.

More than a wallpaper changer

Have you ever wanted to watch a sunset on a beach in Belgium – in real time? View traffic situation on Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Do you like to see everyday lives go by in places around the world? You can add to your desktop wallpaper any of the thousands of image feeds from around the world.

Desktop wallpaper sharing

Your wallpapers can be saved to an external file. That file (.dtw) can then be emailed to anyone with whom you would like to share the wallpaper. Your recipients will get the same wallpaper that you created with on-line albums, image streams, etc. You can also share it with anyone in the world by uploading it here on this web site.

For Windows XP/Vista

Download: Desktop Takeover 1.0 Build 105 Beta


  1. This program called “Desktop Takeover” is supposed to be FREE, but the developer has rigged it to self expire so they can sell a new version.

    When you install the new version, you will find out its not free. When you uninstall it and try to reinstall the old FREE version, it cant be done without errors because the developer has invaded your registry by embedding code which prevents old version from being installed.

    To make things worse, the developer has also taken it upon themselves to further hijack your web browser to lead you to their web page to buy this product.

    This flagrant and irresponsible act is deceptive and it infringes on people’s personal property by removing FREE software’s ability to function in favor of software for money. Also, it invades someone’s computer like a virus and decides which page you will go to when you open your browser.

    These acts are unacceptable and no one should download or buy from this deceitful developer if they want to avoid having their registry messed with.

  2. The software does not work because the Beta release is expired. The website provides a link to a full non-beta release. The software uses registry in a very standard way, and the application cleans up after itself during uninstall process. The software is safe, unique and gives a very exciting way to customize your desktop with photos.

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