Dooble 1.20

by admin March 26, 2011 at 12:05 am

Dooble – Secure and Open Source Web Browser

Dooble is a Secure and Open Source Web Browser that provides solid performance, stability, and cross-platform functionality.

One of the project’s most important goals is to safeguard the privacy of its users.

The Dooble installer allows you to install Dooble, a group of integrated privacy features (browser, search engine, secure e-mail client, and secure messenger). The installer also provides a means of installing the Dooble browser component.

Download: Dooble 1.20


  1. Dooble I installed the web browser, and I need to know how to uninstall the Windows XP Professional system, I tried ccleaner and nothing, not shown in panel add and remove programs control panel.

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