FileMyster 1.2.0

by admin March 30, 2009 at 7:08 pm

FileMyster is an administration tool that allows seamless automatic and manual synchronization between folders. It was developed to make life easier for admins where they can depend on FileMyster to do all their server synchronizations automatically. FileMyster can also be used to sync your music, movies, documents, etc.. between your computers. So FileMyster is perfect for office and home.

FileMyster only copies latest or new files from source to destination folders based on user selected file types where the synchronization can be one way, mirrored or two way. so say goodbye to manually checking file versions and types and let FileMyster do the rest. Sit back and relax!

FileMyster allows you to sync any folder (add as many slots as you want) you want automatically where you can assign different times for different folders (access permissions to the selected folders/machines is required).

FileMyster keeps a fully detailed log of every synchronization process. No worries sync and review everything later.

FileMyster is completely free of charge to use.

System requirements
– Windows XP/Vista or Server 2003 (32 or 64).
– Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

Download: FileMyster 1.2.0

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  1. I’ve had the honor to beta-test FileMyster for a few weeks and to propose some features additions (mirroring, to be specific) and now I’ve become a FileMyster-addict. For the purpose of daily backup onto an external HDD, this is the best solution I’ve tested so far: FileMyster is absolutely free (I even proposed a donation but they refused it!!!), the support is great (they answer within a couple of days, correct the bugs on the go and add new features on demand!), it’s easy to use and it’s fast (on my PC, it takes around 6 minutes to update the mirror backup of more than 100GB). I strongly recommend it.

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