Free music service Qtrax is back with… wait, no it isn’t

by admin June 19, 2008 at 2:15 pm

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Qtrax, a me-too rebel of the Napster days turned legitimate P2P music download service in a hopeful-but-vaporware kind of way. The service has had a number of false starts in the last year, from DOA software to touted licensing deals that saw their very existence denied by the labels Qtrax claimed to have signed them with. Now the site’s back with… well, nothing, as far as we can tell.

We don’t blame you if Qtrax is barely on the tip of your tongue, if at all. We first caught wind of this promising ad-supported P2P music download service back in 2006, though it has reportedly been sorting out licensing issues with the major labels for five years. The concept is simple: Qtrax is a music store based on the Songbird project that displays advertising and cross-promotions in exchange for letting users download unlimited, legal, Zune-esque DRMed music. The service boasted 25 million tracks at its non-launch in January, only to see all the labels deny even signing a deal with the company the next day.

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