Google urges IE6 Gmail users to switch to Firefox, Chrome

by admin January 4, 2009 at 4:48 pm

With tens of millions of users, Gmail is arguably one of Google’s most successful projects to date. Besides just being cool and usually fast to access, another of the reasons Gmail has done so well is because of how it retains cross-browser and cross-platform functionality with people being able to access most of Gmail features regardless of what OS or browser they are using.

Considering the challenges to develop for legacy browsers that barely keep up with standards, it seems that Google has “preferred” browsers in mind and is officially steering people away from using Internet Explorer with Gmail.

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  1. While Google might not offer “select features to a handful of browsers of its liking” it DOES have considerable power to force browsers to adhere to HTML (and other) standards. Think of the number of pages that (used to) render well only under IE because they took advantage of non-standard IE behavior. In order for Google to “make nice” with particular browsers, both it an the browser will likely have to be ignoring some standard, which would be a bad thing for both of them.

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