LSN Password Safe

by admin September 27, 2009 at 6:04 pm

LSN Password Safe is a easy to use password manager with integrated spyware protection.

Security features:

– Integrated keystroke and mouse clicks
capturing protection.
– Cascade encryption with algorithms: Serpent,
AES, Blowfish and non-standard.
– Windows text capturing protection.
– File protection and data theft prevention.
– Secure work on another computer.
– The synchronization of files on multiple drives
for data loss protect.
– Secure virtual (screen) keyboard.
– Memory protection (run-time encoding and wiping).
– Integrated Captcha against emulators.
– The backup will protect your data from any errors.
– Drag-and-drop secure filling the text fields.
– Clipboard protection.

– Virtual keyboard.
– Password generator.
– Ability to save files into the records.
– Any number of lines in one record.
– Portable USB flash drive.
– A lot of import – export formats.
– Expiration date reminder.

Download: LSN Password Safe

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