Mandriva Linux 2010.1 Beta 1

by admin April 2, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Mandriva Linux One 2009 is the best way to start using Linux. A full Linux operating system on a single CD for both new and experienced Linux users, it is fast to download and install, and also safe to try with a live mode. One is really the one CD you need!

One, an easily extensible desktop

One gives you easy and free access to the official Mandriva Linux 2009 software repositories, containing more than 20,000 packages.

The selection of applications provided by One meets all the most common desktop needs. Still, in case you find yourself in need of more software, with just a few clicks you can access the official Mandriva software repositories, containing over 20,000 packages. Almost any Linux application you might need can be found here. What’s more, the Mandriva backports system gives you the option of getting the very latest versions of certain applications, without waiting for the next Mandriva release.

One, the Linux desktop which adapts to your chosen environment

One is offered as a direct download with the KDE environment. You can also download it with the GNOME environment. For each environment, there are three versions of One with different languages available. You just have to pick the version that suits you!

Download: Mandriva Linux Free 2010

Download: Mandriva Linux 2010.1 Beta 1

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  1. Mandriva is the most overrated distro ever put out. It’s not nearly as good as its fanbois portray it to be — certainly not moreso than many other distros. Its “success” is all the result hype and fanboi “marketing”.

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