RoboForm for iPhone 1.21

by admin February 20, 2010 at 6:00 pm

RoboForm is an award winning Password Manager and Form Filler that allows One Click Logins.

RoboForm on the iPhone and iPod Touch allows access to data files created and used on your Desktop, Laptop, or USB Drive, all using the RoboForm Online service, that provides up to date copies of your files.


– Access your RoboForm Data files using your RoboForm Online Account, a free service at
– View your Logins, Identities, and Safenotes locally from your device.
– Perform 1-Click Logins using the “Login” button while viewing a RoboForm Login.
– Fill forms on the fly using “Matching Passcards” functionality in the built-in browser.
– Synchronize between your RoboForm Online Account and the RoboForm on your device on the fly.
– Landscape View – You can now rotate in any window and view the proper Landscape View that the iPhone provides.
– AutoLogoff Functionality – Added AutoLogoff Timeouts for the Master Password entry, defaulted to 5 minutes since most recent use.
– PIN Entry – Added PIN Code for the Application Itself, required to get into RoboForm for iPhone, You can change the PIN at any time.
– File Search – Added the ability to search recursively through the file lists in Logins/Identities/Safenotes views.
– Manual Logoff – Manual “Forget Master Password” button under the “Settings > Security” view, clicking this button will have RoboForm ‘Forget’ your entered master password.
– Account Switching – “Change Account / Password” button on the “Settings > Account” view which will allow you change between accounts as well as change your account details. Only one account can be accessed at a time.

A Free App for RoboForm Password Manager is available in the App Store. Requires a free account with RoboForm Online.

Download: RoboForm for iPhone/iPod Touch 1.21

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  1. Just for this its kinda unsafe having all your information getting stacked up in one same place, some people might get to tend on identity theif so better not have a roboform in iPod.

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