Seven Transformation Pack 1.0

by admin April 29, 2009 at 5:58 pm

Seven Transformation Pack. It’s time to meet the best transformation pack ever made. Download the very first Windows 7 transformation pack with Superbar application ViGlance today!

Seven Transformation Pack Keynotes:

New 3rd-party applications
ViGlance – Windows 7’s Superbar emulation

Improved 3rd-party applications
ViStart – build recompile in native mode increasing its performance with Windows 7 skin
TrueTransparency – Improved stability with version 1.0 plus SevenStyle’s skin

Functionalities update
Automatic theme applying – Setup now applies themes automatically without user’s interaction after restart
Multi-user Login UI support – Allowing to see user accounts in horizontal view with multiline support
Setup personization – Allowed ViSplore and WinFlip and support load/save configuration
Superbar tweaks – Get Superbar UI with registry tweaks

Seven Transformation Pack will replace many of the resources in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003. It can change such things as:

· Boot screen
· Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
· New msstyles files (visual styles)
· New desktop and file icons
· New toolbar icons
· Progress Dialogs
· Sounds scheme
· System Tray icons
· New Wallpapers
· Some Windows 7’s popular features
· And much more

Download: Seven Transformation Pack 1.0

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  1. This thing is a damn waste of time. There is no working transparency for generic windows in XP; with the possible exception of WIndowBlinds, and yet I found ObjectDock by them too buggy to use, also. I thought that TureTransparency 1.0 was working for a little while, but then closing the control panel in Videllia, in the Tor Bundle, leaves an empty frame with no contents in it, which cannot be closed without ending it in the Task Manager, or shutting down. Simply playing a vid in gmplayer with the Divx skin causes gmplayer to become unresponsive and use so much CPU time, that the only way out of it is to begin to shut down the computer. This guy puts out a bunch of buggy junk as if it were in good working order, which would be fine if it ever comes to fruition, but without working window transparency, and him not warning us, it is false advertising. There are many intriguing tweaks there, but for something that promises to be a Vista or Seven experience, it turns into hours upon hours of fighting buggy software that is billed as good. To be avoided, if you want to do something with your computer of more substance than taking dazzling screenshots before the thing locks.

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