SolidCopy 1.2

by admin February 18, 2009 at 8:40 pm

SolidCopy is an industrial-grade FileCopy utility with safe result previewing, extensive logging and fail-over retry mode for unstable media or network conditions. Jobs/scripts may be defined and automated.

Extra cleanup options allow for removing named or partially named files, removing files by filespec, removing files that exist in the target folder but not the source, and removing files after a successful copy (move operation).

Safety features include a preview window prior to batched overwrites, complete atomic logging details (with stats and ComputerName of executing machine), and a NoCopy mode where a job can be tested without actually copying, or if only delete operations are wanted.

SolidCopy is lightweight. It comprises about 1mb in a stand-alone executable, perfect for keychain drives.

Download: SolidCopy 1.2

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