SubtitleCreator 2.3 Beta 1

by admin July 14, 2008 at 7:29 pm

SubtitleCreator allows you to convert ASCII based text files in SubRip’s SRT or MicroDVD’s SUB format to the binary SUP format expected by DVD authoring tools such as IfoEdit or ReJig. As such, you are able to create and add your own subtitles to a DVD.

Since version 1.8, you can also manipulate existing subtitles, for example to shift them or to change their colors. Additionally, the GUI has changed considerably, and you can use a different rendering method, which should be useful for Persian fonts. In many ways, SubtitleCreator is similar to Gandalf’s program srt2sup, but there are some new features as well, such as DVD playback.

Download: SubtitleCreator 2.3 Beta 1

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  1. The current version is 2.0.4, which also allows you to overlay subtitles on an existing DVD (thanks to manusse) without doing any copying, ripping or whatever. In addition, the DVD wizard allows you to automate the whole process of demultiplexing (with PgcDemux), multiplexing (with muxman) and restoring the menu (with VobBlanker), all of them which are great freeware tools. The number of downloads (September 2006) is already more than 151,000, so it’s pretty popular.

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