Tandem Server 2008.08

by admin August 7, 2008 at 3:36 pm

Free Content Management System

Tandem Server is the easiest Website Content Management tool you will ever use. This tool was designed to make publishing and editing website content as simple as possible. No Workflows, No Live Dates, No Hassles, No Charge. Just publish and go.

Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, ASP.NET

Download: Tandem Server 2008.08

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  1. When I started playing with Tandem Server I could not believe how easy it was to setup. Since it doesn’t use a DB (it uses XML) installation is a snap. When I began building a site the tools were easy to understand and to use. Each page can have a header, a footer, a sidebar, and then the main section of the page can have content displayed in 7 different zones (sections). You need to look at their demo to really understand this. Each zone has the ability to use 8 different controls: Content control, Article control, Link List control, custom form control, and many others. Again, look at the demo. I was realy impressed with the custom control, it is very flexible and powerful. You can make custom forms with text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons and more. The colors are also very easy to change and work with. In addition, the article control automatically provides you with an rss feed. There are so many features it is difficult to cover them here. I have already put together 8 web sites for family businesses and friends and the big benefit to me is that they can maintain these sites themselves. When you are a developer, everyone wants you to build them a site, which usually is not that difficult. But it’s the maintaining the sites afterwards that gets to be the pain. I can teach someone how to use Tandem Server very quickly and that makes my life easier. Plus, there is also a built in “version control” so if they screw it up, I can easiy recover it from where I left off. If you want a tool to create web sites quick and easy, but yet still have a lot of power, try Tandem Server. BTW, both experienced developers and novice users can use Tandem Server.

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