TextShield Build 644

by admin June 27, 2006 at 4:17 am

TextShield is a free, compact word processor with a wealth of features. Besides those features available with most ordinary word processors, TextShield has many advanced (but easy-to-use) features. TextShield can compress files automatically using the popular ZIP compression, making them as much AS 95% smaller. TextShield saves files in the universal RTF format, or in plain text. TextShield is both a word processor and a plain text editor. For maximum interchangeability, TextShield has a build-in HTML converter and can save files as Microsoft Word, and other formats, using Microsoft converters. TextShield supports advanced formatting features, like hyperlinks, underlining styles, Rainbow Colors and even 3D Text. TextShield is compact and can easily fit a single 1.44Mb floppy disk (try installing Word on a floppy…). Finally all these features would be worthless without a good help system; So TextShield has a 6000 word help file explaining everything that could be difficult for the beginning user.

To run TextShield Fusion properly, you will need to have Windows 95/98/Me/Xp/2000/NT 4 or above. TextShield has succesfully been tested on Windows 95 OSR2 and Windows 98 SE.

Download: TextShield Build 644 | Screenshots

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  1. Advanced for its time (circa Windows 98) and still the best i think, as a replacement for WordPad. Below are most of things it supports, most of which which Word Pad will not do.

    Tabbed pages (bottom of page), justification of text, text highlighting, including custom colors, 3d text, font preview, font sizes up to 1,638 pt., super and subscript, various kinds of bullets and numbering, case conversion, a spell checker, paste special, file selection statistics, and a file list that let’s you see just where the files are coming from, and a format copier. In addition, the acquiring and inserting of images from a scanner or camera is supported, also the inserting of files, the automatic pasting of copied text, the sending of email through your email client (like Netscape Mail or Outlook), plus the playing of audio media.

    Though it does not do things like columns or automatic marking of spelling errors, for a quick loading, attractive and simple to use free replacement to Word Pad this is the most viable word pro. However, since the author has moved on, it is not longer supported, but the help file is quite comprehensive.

    Works on Vista, though it forgets the last document source folder. Can be made to work on Linux with WINE. Thanks be to God.

    Source file is now http://members.lycos.nl/textshield/Setup.exe

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