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Backup Archive Systems usually are used in server environments.
They have a wider functionality range than simple backup copy programs, which are the conventional backup solution for PCs. Backup copy programs only care about the creation of backup copies, but they do not manage the stock of backup files.

VersionBackup is the Backup Archive System for Single User PCs and networks.

Main features of VersionBackup:

• Backup Archive with version management.
• Select the file version to be recovered in a special browser.
• Suited for Single User PCs.
• You have complete control to your backup stock, including several means of interference.
• Your backups are stored in a way, making it possible to access them even without VersionBackup.
• Incremental Backups: Only the changed files will be copied.
• Additionally: Creation of Full Backups in configurable intervals.
• Automatic Reconstruction: To recover complete directories, VersionBackup reassembles the versions from the Incremental Backups and Full Backups.
• Configurable storage time. Automatic deletion function.
• Clearly arranged user interface. Configuration assisted by wizards.

The free standard edition VersionBackup has been designed for private users only.

Download: VersionBackup

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  1. A powerful alternative that offers automatic file version backups is available in the ETKit Chameleon suite – In the bargain you get a whole host of other utilities including a hexadecimal editor, a folder activity monitor etc.

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