VideoTagger 2.0

by admin March 24, 2009 at 10:55 pm

VideoTagger is an Innovative Software Application for Windows and Mac Built from the Ground Up to Create Movie Credits; It is Simple to Learn, Powerful Enough to Create Professional Grade Movie Credits, and Versatile in Making Fully Customized, One-of-a-Kind Titles for Any Movie Resolution.

VideoTagger Feature List:
Multiple Movie Destinations: Create credits sized for web, cell phones, digital cameras, Analog tv, LCD tv, HD tv, all the way up to true movie theater resolutions.
Create Custom Credits with Lightning Speed: Create a category and enter in text for your titles and you are immediately ready to produce them.
Immediate Preview: Immediately preview your credits as you’re making them. VideoTagger allows you to see how your credits will look as you’re adding people’s names.
Make Your Credits with Style: VideoTagger gives you the ability to use unique fonts, custom colors, images, and more.
Scrolling or Slide: Choose whether to have your titles roll, or to appear simply as a slide.
Multiple Titling Options: Create opening titles or end titles.
Export Format Options: Export your credits as a Quicktime movie (.mov) or and AVI (.avi).
Export Settings Options: Create your credits with customizable scroll speeds, slide presentation times, etc.
NO spyware, NO adware

Download: VideoTagger 2.0

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