Owl550 1.12

Owl550 is a free anti spam for all platforms which support Java 1.4. With Owl550 you can: - Choose a formula to return at spammer. - Modify time between two reads. - Choose a sound for alert. - Remember friends and undesirable. - Pre-define undesirables. - See the content of emails. Owl550 runs on Windows and Linux. Download: Owl550 1.12 … [Read more...]

TypePad AntiSpam Plugin for Movable Type and WordPress

TypePad AntiSpam is a valuable new free tool in the fight against comment spam. Developed by Six Apart, TypePad AntiSpam blocks comment spam to improve the quality of your blog conversations and for the good of the blogosphere. TypePad AntiSpam is a spam filtering service that combines several adaptive learning engines to score inbound comments, TrackBacks and PingBacks, and determine whether they are "spam" or "ham." The filters learn from user reports, enabling TypePad AntiSpam to quickly … [Read more...]

SpamExperts Desktop

SpamExperts Desktop has been regarded by external and objective software reviews as a top worldwide antispam desktop application. This product is compatible with all POP3 and IMAP-based email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Netscape, Opera, PocoMail, Pegasus Mail, WinMail, The Bat!, Mozilla, Groupwise, and Eudora. Is your email client not on the list? You can simply add it in the software! By using automatic email interception, you are not required to change … [Read more...]

SpamBrave Lite 5.6 for Outlook Express and Windows Mail

Free Spam Filter for Outlook Express and Windows Mail SpamBrave Lite is free of charge spam filter for Outlook Express and Windows Mail that helps keep your Inbox clean of spam. Once properly installed and trained, it achieves more than 97% accuracy in spam filtering. Key Benefits · Statistical Spam Filtering Engine · Automatic Adaptation to New Spammers' Tricks · Allow / Block List · Integration with the Windows Address Book · Statistics · Multilingual User … [Read more...]

POPFile 1.0.0

POPFile is an email classification tool with a Naive Bayes classifier, POP3, SMTP, NNTP proxies and IMAP filter and a web interface. It runs on most platforms and with most email clients. Once properly set up and trained, it will work in the background of your computer, scanning mail as it arrives and filing it however you wish. You can give it a simple job, like separating out junk e-mail, or a complicated one - like filing mail into a dozen folders. Think of it as a personal assistant for your … [Read more...]

xTerminator 5

xTerminator will help you block spam and most of worms before they even reach your mailbox. You'll be able to delete unwanted messages directly from the server thus saving valuable time and bandwidth. Supported by donations xTerminator came to it's fifth release. While working as a client on Windows Compatible PC it's actually intercepting messages before they're fully downloaded to users PC. After checking message headers (body only when needed) on the server xTerminator can either delete … [Read more...]

PSPOP3 Inspector 1.3 Build 317

PSPOP3 Inspector is an administration instrument for POP3-Server - these are responsible for the emails reception. It offers to you a preview possibility for your POP3 accounts, as well as the possibility to delete "bad emails" direct on the server. With the program you spare traffic, delete viruses, worms and spam emails directly on the server and avoid that dangerous code lands on your PC! Thanks to threaded architecture (Multi Threading) the program is not only robustly and stable, but also … [Read more...]

SpamAssassin 3.2.3

SpamAssassin runs on a server, and filters spam before it reaches your mailbox. It has been used by nearly every known mail delivery system. Install it yourself today... Features Wide-spectrum: SpamAssassin uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures. This makes it harder for spammers to identify one aspect which they can craft their messages to work around. Free software: it is distributed under the same terms and conditions as other popular open-source software … [Read more...]

Junkanoo 2.15

Get the email you want and nothing else. Junkanoo quickly and easily helps you stop junk mail (spam) from reaching your inbox with just a few simple rule-based options and white/black list filtering. The program is FREE. This unique and intuitive application allows you to block junk mail (spam) from ever reaching your inbox, while allowing email from trusted senders to pass immediately! Through the easy-to-use configuration and main screen, you will quickly and efficiently manage potential junk … [Read more...]