Microsoft has a new plan to tackle everything you hate about Windows 10

by admin August 16, 2020 at 12:53 pm

Windows 10 now powers more than a billion devices worldwide – from traditional expansive desktop PC set-ups with multiple monitors and a mouse, to lightweight touchscreen gadgets like the Surface Go 2 – enabling them to work, study, or play the latest bloodthirsty first-person shooter. But there are some common complaints about Windows 10 that Microsoft wants to fix.

Microsoft has had a pretty patchy run when it comes to Windows 10 updates lately. The company has launched numerous updates with disastrous consequences – from breaking printers, to deleting files, deleting emails, causing havoc with Wi-Fi connections and more. On top of that, a number of promised features have been delayed, leaving updates feeling scarce of new functionality.

Thankfully, Microsoft seems to be aware that things haven’t been great and has announced a major shake-up internally to try to get things back on track. The man tasked with doing just that is Panos Panay.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s likely because Panos leads the teams behind the Surface line of hardware, including the Surface Earbuds, Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and Surface Studio. According to an internal memo sent by Panos, which was obtained by renown Microsoft tipster Paul Thurott, the new structure is designed to clean-up Windows 10 and ensure it ships promptly.

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