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by admin 15 years ago

Google hires Net pioneer Vint Cerf

Google announced on Thursday that it hired Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, as the search giant seeks to build a network foundation for its future Internet applications. Cerf, who co-designed TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol),...

by admin 15 years ago

Google takes ad sales to print

Google is expanding its lucrative Internet advertising network into the print world in a bold attempt to capture traditional ad dollars. The search king, which makes 99 percent of its revenue from Internet ads, is quietly testing the waters...

by admin 15 years ago

Gmail open to all

All those living in the US that is Gmail, the free email service run by Google, has officially moved beyond beta stage and is open to anyone in the US. The service had been available only to those invited to join, but now the service is...