Windows HPC Server 2008

Windows HPC Server 2008 provides a productive, cost-effective, and high-performance computing (HPC) solution that runs on x64-bit hardware. Windows HPC Server 2008 can be deployed, managed, and extended using familiar tools and technologies. Windows HPC Server 2008 enables broader adoption of HPC by providing a rich and integrated end-user experience scaling from the desktop application to the clusters. A wide range of software vendors, in various verticals, have designed their applications … [Read more...]

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2.2

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools allow you to add, change, and delete common metadata properties for digital photographs. You can place photos on the Live Earth map and then drag them to the right location. The GPS information will be stored back into the photos. If you have a GPS device, you can load track route files from the most popular formats (NMEA, GPX, and KML) and see them on the map. Then you can place your photos on the track route. Again, the GPS info will be stored into your file. When you … [Read more...]

Microsoft Email Prioritizer

Email Prioritizer is a plug-in for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (running on Exchange Server) that helps you manage email overload. This concept test provides a “do not disturb” button that temporarily pauses new email arrival, and prioritizes email with a 0-3 star rating system. We hope this prototype helps you focus on the emails that are most important to you. Download: Microsoft Email Prioritizer … [Read more...]

Internet Explorer 6 Application Compatibility VPC Image 4.0

VPC Hard Disk Image for testing websites with different IE versions on Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista. This download page contains four separate VPC images, depending on what you want to test. IE6-XPSP3_VPC.exe contains a Windows XP SP3 with IE6 VHD file IE7-XPSP2_VPC.exe contains a Windows XP SP2 with IE7 VHD file IE8B2-XPSP3_VPC.exe contains a Windows XP SP3 with IE8 Beta 2 VHD file IE7-VIS1.exe+IE7-VIS2.rar+IE7-VIS3.rar contain a Vista Image with IE7 VHD … [Read more...]

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools (SQL Server 2008 Express) is a free, easy-to-use version of SQL Server Express that includes graphical management tools. SQL Server 2008 Express provides powerful and reliable data management tools and rich features, data protection, and fast performance. It is ideal for small server applications and local data stores. SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools has all of the features in SQL Server 2008 Express, plus you can easily manage and administer … [Read more...]

Microsoft Urlscan Filter 3.0 (x86)

Microsoft Urlscan Filter is a security tool that restricts the types of HTTP requests that Internet Information Services (IIS) will process. By blocking specific HTTP requests, UrlScan helps prevent potentially harmful requests from being processed by web applications on the server. System Requirements • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP A supported platform running Internet Information Services 5.1, 6.0 or … [Read more...]

Office Live Update 1.2

The Office Live Update for Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta makes working with Microsoft Office programs faster and lets you access workspaces from Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The Office Live Add-in adds new menu options in the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite and a toolbar in Microsoft Office XP and Office 2003. You will be able to open documents located in Office Live Workspace directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You will also be able to save files directly from … [Read more...]

Microsoft PlayReady PC Runtime 1.0 (x86)

Microsoft PlayReady technology is optimized for the mobile industry to support the growth of online content services, and includes features designed to make it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy mobile digital entertainment. This runtime allows PC based applications to access PlayReady content using the PlayReady PC Runtime API. System Requirements Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista Service Pack 1; Windows XP Service Pack 3 Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista Service … [Read more...]

Microsoft Response Point 1.0 Service Pack 1

Microsoft Response Point is phone system software designed for small businesses with 1 to 50 employees. The intuitive management programs, voice-activated user interface, and rich feature set make Response Point easy to configure, manage, and use. D-Link, Syspine, and Aastra offer complete systems that are bundled in affordable starter packages. System Requirements • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Small Business Server 2003 ; Windows Vista; Windows XP Download: Microsoft … [Read more...]

Extended Security Update Inventory Tool 2.50.3174.2172

The SMS Extended Security Update Inventory tool is a scan tool built for the sole purpose of helping customers determine SMS client computers that may need security updates that are not detectable using the existing SMS Security Update Inventory Tool built on MBSA. Like the SMS Software Update Inventory tool, this tool also has the instructions for locating each applicable update, downloading it from Microsoft, and deploying it using SMS . The SMS Extended Security Update Inventory Tool is built … [Read more...]