Apple Sells Contract-Free iPhones: $500-$700

According to a leaked internal document, Apple will now sell you an off-contract iPhone. Previously, you were required to prove that you had an AT&T contract before purchase, or to sign up for one. The iPhones aren’t unlocked, though. They are still tied to AT&T. What this does mean is that you can buy an iPhone and use it without having to sell yourself to AT&T for two years, either by unlocking for use on another GSM carrier, or using it with an existing or pre-pay AT&T … [Read more...]

New Twitter Phishing Attack: “You’re On Here?” [WARNING]

Twitter users are reporting a new attempt to extract their usernames and passwords — a Direct Message attack that asks “You’re on here?” with a link. Others report DMs linking to a site called “mhansenhome” with the message “’someone posted on their blog about you”. The advice is straightforward: if you get such a message on Twitter (Twitter), DO NOT click the link or enter your login details on the landing page. If you find you’re sending out these DMs to friends, change … [Read more...]

Google Building Browser Plug-In To Protect Consumer Privacy

Google is working on a browser plug-in that allows consumers to block being counted when landing on a Web site that monitors visits with Google Analytics. The Mountain View, Calif. company's engineers continue to test and finalize the function. Sitting in the crossroads, Google needs to support advertisers, investors and consumers. The obligation to support advertisers and shareholders resides in the ability to develop tools that provide data and ad targeting. But to succeed, Google must … [Read more...]

Sprint To Offer 4G Speed To 3G iPhone

As we know that the wireless technology is slowly moving towards a fourth-generation (4G) system that will allow faster speeds and secure IP communication from the network core to mobile devices. Several standards are evolving to implement 4G, and are in varying states of readiness. AT&T and Verizon are both moving to implement Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, which is a step along the road to true 4G. Sprint chose to go a different route with Mobile WiMAX, a wireless Ethernet protocol … [Read more...]

Microsoft Winning Fans Early with Internet Explorer 9 Preview

Earlier this week Microsoft unveiled a preview of the engine behind its next-generation Web browser, Internet Explorer (IE) 9. Microsoft is still diligently working to convince many customers to make the switch from the archaic IE6 to the current IE8, but the march of development never stops so Microsoft is already hard at work on the next version as well. Justin Saint Clair, Internet Explorer program manager at Microsoft, wrote in a post on the IEBlog "The Internet Explorer Platform Preview … [Read more...]

Google’s Nexus branding under threat

Well, that's a bit embarassing: Google has had its trademark application for 'Nexus' rejected, as a small Oregon firm already owns it. The threat to the name of the company's flagship smartphone is rather more serious than the last. In January, the estate of the author Philip K Dick challenged the Nexus name on the grounds that it was used for the androids in Dick's most famous book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, later filmed as Bladerunner. Google launched the Nexus brand in … [Read more...]

Microsoft removes VM hardware requirements, improves XP mode

Microsoft made a slew of virtualization announcements today, affecting both current and future products. Arguably the most important tidbit is that the company has removed the virtualization layer's hardware requirements for the XP Mode available in Windows 7. Those already running XP Mode don't need to bother updating since they already have it working, but users who were unsure of their PC hardware can grab the update and try out XP Mode on Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, or … [Read more...]

Report: Google Working With Intel, Sony on TV Project

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) — Google is working with Intel and Sony to develop a new class of internet-enabled televisions and set-top boxes, according to the New York Times. The effort, known as Google TV, has been under way for several months and is based on Google’s Android software which is currently available in certain smartphones, the Times, citing people with knowledge of the project, reported on Wednesday. Logitech International is also involved and is developing peripheral … [Read more...]

The Worldwide Telescope Comes To Bing Maps

If you can’t tell your Belt of Orion from your Little Dipper, Microsoft is here to help. Today it added its WorldWide Telescope application to Bing Maps. The application let’s you look up at the sky from a street view level in a map and see the stars and planets conveniently identified by red lines connecting them together. Microsoft debuted its WorldWide Telescope application two years ago, and it’s existed as a standalone desktop and Silverlight app. But now that it is part of Bing … [Read more...]

Facebook traffic tops Google for the week

NEW YORK ( -- Facebook topped Google to become the most visited U.S. Web site last week, indicating a shift in how Americans are searching for content. Web analysis firm Experian Hitwise said Monday that the social networking site surpassed Google to take the No. 1 spot for the week ended March 13. "It shows content sharing has become a huge driving force online," said Matt Tatham, director of media relations at Hitwise. "People want information from friends they trust, … [Read more...]