o3find 0.8.2

o3find - Full Text Search Utility for StarOffice and OpenOffice.org This program can find text in many StarOffice / OpenOffice.org documents. You can look for a word or phrase in multiple files and directories. You can also search other types of documents (e.g. plain text, Microsoft Office, etc.) Download: o3find 0.8.2 … [Read more...]

LyX 1.5.2

LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents, not their appearance. It is released under a Free Software / Open Source license. LyX is for people that write and want their writing to look great, right out of the box. No more endless tinkering with formatting details, 'finger painting' font attributes or futzing around with page boundaries. On screen, LyX looks like any word processor; its printed output -- or richly … [Read more...]

Ultra-Pad! 2.1.3

Ultra-Pad! is A Cool Advanced Skinnable Word ProcessorApplication For Windows 95 and later. Features include: Text highlighting, tables, line spacing, auto-detect Internet URL hyperlink, superscript, subscript, symbols, headers, footers, word count, spell check, and several more. Includes features not commonly found in editors created in Visual Basic. This includes an active Ruler toolbar (inches or centimeters) where you can set indent margins, set tabs by clicking on the ruler and move tabs … [Read more...]

SoftMaker Office 2008

SoftMaker Office 2008 is an office application suite. SoftMaker Office 2008 for Windows contains: · Word processor: TextMaker 2008 · Spreadsheet: PlanMaker 2008 · Presentation graphics: SoftMaker Presentations 2008 · BASIC macros: BasicMaker 2008 The public beta version of SoftMaker Office 2008 for Windows is available now as a free download. Requires Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. Download: SoftMaker Office 2008 … [Read more...]

Word Viewer 1.0

View, print and copy Word documents, even if you don't have Word installed. This download is a replacement for Word Viewer 2003 and all previous Word Viewer versions. The Word Viewer, together with the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats, allows you open Word documents saved in the following formats: • Word Document (*.docx) • Word Macro-Enabled Document (*.docm) • Rich Text Format (.rtf) • Text (.txt) • … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1: Upgrade for Microsoft Office 2007 file formats

Office Mobile 6.1 is an upgrade to Office Mobile applications on Windows Mobile. The new upgrade supports the new Office 2007 file formats. Microsoft Office 2007 introduced new Open XML-based file formats for Office applications. These new file formats reduce file size, improve security and reliability, and enhance integration with external sources. To allow Windows Mobile users to work with Office documents created in the Open XML formats, Microsoft has developed an upgrade for Word … [Read more...]

Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3)

Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) represents a major evolution in security for Office 2003. It further hardens the Office suite against potential attacks and other security threats. This service pack also includes fixes that have been previously released as separate updates for Office 2003. Service Pack 3 also includes stability improvements developed as a result of user input from the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis in Office 2003 and from Microsoft Product Support … [Read more...]

Shock Sticker 2.93

Shock Sticker is a post-it function utility for Windows to mange memos and schedules. Additionally alarm, password, and hide functions are provided. OS : Windows XP/2000/2003 Language : Korean, English Licence : Freeware Download: Shock Sticker 2.93 … [Read more...]

Skype Office Toolbar

Place calls and send the file you are currently working on via Skype. The toolbar recognizes phone numbers within your document and lets you call them using SkypeOut or send SMS messages. Things you can do with Skype Office Toolbar · Start calls to Skype Names and phone numbers written within MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.· See when the author of a document is online and communicate with them.· Send the file you are currently working on to Skype Contacts.· Turn phone numbers into … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office 2007 Professional VHD 1.0

This VHD contains both the 30 day edition of Windows Vista Enterprise Edition and an evaluation of Office 2007 Professional which includes Publisher, Excel, Outlook, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, and Word. See how with these new platforms can simplify how people work together, find information and improve business insight, help protect and manage content, and reduce IT costs and improve security. Test drive today to experience how Windows Vista and Office 2007 work better together! System … [Read more...]