Raketu is where social networking meets communications meets media services in one application. Raketu delivers free or the cheapest national and international calls from your computer and from your mobile to anywhere in the world. Raketu also delivers TV www.raketu.tv, video on demand, IM, SMS, multi media player, podcasting, slide show, info feeds and more. These services are also available directly from Raketu’s website RakWeb-no downloads. The Raketu application and RakWeb are fully … [Read more...]

Vocito 1.1.0 for Mac

Vocito is a desktop UI for GrandCentral for the Mac. It allows you to easily dial anybody from your desktop. Using GrandCentral it will dial the remote phone and your local phone simultaneously, and connect you together. It integrates into Address Book, Quicksilver, Automater, system services, supports "tel" URLs, and is fully AppleScriptable. All this integration makes it easy to have Vocito automatically dial your phone from just about any application that supports scripting, html, or … [Read more...]

Voip Communicator 1.640

The Voip Communicator gives you the flexibility to make and receive calls directly from your computer — at home, in your office and on the road. Benefits · Free calls between members · Super low international rates · Freedom of mobility · 30 calling features · Online feature management Download: Voip Communicator 1.640 | Voip Communicator Beta … [Read more...]

IVE (Instant Video Everywhere) 5.3

IVE (Instant Video Everywhere) is a free voice and video over IP service for both consumer and professional users across the nation and around the world. IVE seamlessly bridges the divide between internet based Voice over IP (VOIP) and feature rich desktop video communications. IVE offers the next generation of IP-based communications, featuring free, unlimited video and voice calling to anyone, anywhere at anytime - with no long distance or per call charges. With IVE, you no longer need … [Read more...]

Firefly 3.2 Build 5774

Firefly is a fully featured softphone with instant messaging and voicemail for home, businesses, schools and other organisations. It lets anyone with a microphone and speakers or a USB handset communicate around the world. You can make phone calls to any other Firefly users anywhere in the world for free. You also get instant messaging to other Firefly users, as well as your own Voicemail box so people can leave you a message when you are unavailable or not on the Internet - for free. Finally, … [Read more...]

Call Graph Beta

The free Skype call recorder Record, Store, Share, Search, Transcribe Skype calls Call Graph is a free call recording application for Skype. With Call Graph you can - Record Skype calls in a mp3 file, automatically - Manage records, view timeline of your records - Tag your records with name, subject etc. search with them - Record Skype to Skype, SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Conference calls - Record podcasts, lessons, interviews, meetings etc. Call Graph is currently available only for … [Read more...]

SoliCall 1.5.1

SoliCall is an innovative software that will help you reduce unwanted noises on your part during an online conversation. Ticking on your keyboard? The phone rings? Your kids play loudly in the other room and you just don't want the other party to be continuously disturbed by all these noises? SoliCall can help. Whether you use Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk, SoliCall will make you sound more professional. Also, you can enjoy and hear SoliCall's performances yourself by using the Screen … [Read more...]

TokBox Voice and Video Calls 1.0.2

Enable live video calls, voice calls, and video mail on any website. TokBox is a super simple voice and video calling. Absolutely free. Seamlessly integrates with Facebook IM. Download: TokBox Voice and Video Calls 1.0.2 | TokBox AIR Desktop Client … [Read more...]

Microsoft Response Point 1.0 Service Pack 1

Microsoft Response Point is phone system software designed for small businesses with 1 to 50 employees. The intuitive management programs, voice-activated user interface, and rich feature set make Response Point easy to configure, manage, and use. D-Link, Syspine, and Aastra offer complete systems that are bundled in affordable starter packages. System Requirements • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Small Business Server 2003 ; Windows Vista; Windows XP Download: Microsoft … [Read more...]

moJangl 1.0.5

Jangl gives you the ability to call or text anyone you know online, using the phone you already have. Simply tell us who you want to call and we'll give you a Jangl number to call them. Jangl works from any phone, with no download, data plan, or computer required. If you can dial a phone number, you can call anyone with Jangl - even someone who has never used Jangl! Jangl protects your privacy. To use Jangl, all you need to know is their email address - you never need their real phone … [Read more...]