p300 Revision 876

A file sharing tool for LAN or VPN

p300 is a P2P utility to share directories with other hosts on your network (and only there)

- Integrated HTTP Server for file downloading and configuration
- Automatic discovery of other p300 hosts via IP Multicast.
 Â· This means it will work serverless without a central server
 Â· Discovery via Broadcast is also supported
 Â· You can also manually add some hosts, then the others should be exchanged automatically
- Bandwidth limiting
- WebDAV support
- Integrated remote browser (simple, but will be extended)
- Integrated download manager (simple, but will be extended)
- GUI (but is able to run without)
- Simple configuration
- Search function (only very basic currently)

 Â· Java 1.5 (or 1.6)
 Â· Web browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, …)

Download: p300 Revision 876

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