Windows Live to get censorware

530[TRANSLITN]-82.html Parents who want to control what their children see online, as well as who they talk to, have a friend in Redmond

26 биз Microsoft expects to release a first version of new, no-cost parental control software for Windows XP by the end of June, the company said on Monday.

enter site As reported earlier, the software, called Windows Live Family Safety Settings, is designed to help keep Web content that parents deem inappropriate from reaching their children. A preview version of the tool is currently available to testers.

go site The first version of the new software will let people filter online content and get activity reports on Web sites that were visited by users, Microsoft representatives said.

An update, due later this year, will add a feature called “contact management”, which lets parents approve contacts on Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger, the replacements for Hotmail and MSN Messenger respectively, Microsoft said. The feature also gives control over who can access their kids’ blogs on MSN Spaces.

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