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by admin 11 years ago

BlackBerry-like Device was Predicted 100 Years Ago

Famous inventor and physicist Nikolas Tesla had, over 100 years ago, predicted that there would be a hand-held device that would be used to communicate and be able to send messages across the world. Way back in 1909, Tesla predicted that...

by admin 11 years ago

Windows 7 Jumps Ahead of Vista

Janco Assocoiates, a management consulting firm, has released data regarding Browser and Operating System Market Share. While the tale regarding the browsers looks familiar, when it comes to the Operating Systems, there is a major revelation. Windows...

by admin 11 years ago

Microsoft ‘Pink’ Phones Due Monday?

Software maker said to be ready to unveil new mobile devices geared toward social networking. Microsoft on April 12 will release two new phones that feature tight integration with social networking sites and other online tools, according...