PayPal’s Anti-Phishing Strategy Includes Blocking Some Browsers

by admin April 19, 2008 at 1:50 pm

As phishing attacks get tougher, PayPal is working on preventing this phenomenon by blocking older browsers or browsers with no anti-phishing features from accessing their website. In a paper called “A Practical Approach to Managing Phishing” and signed by Michael Barrett, Chief Information Security Officer and Dan Levy, Senior Director of Risk Management for Europe they said they have been working on solutions to stop customers from losing money or be victimized by these attacks.

“We realized that our strategy was based on preventing financial loss in the victim’s account,” said the two authors in the paper. “We couldn’t eradicate the problem on our own – to make a dent in phishing, it would take collaboration with the Internet industry, law enforcement, and governments around the world.”

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