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by admin 14 years ago

IBM debuts dual core Intel workstation

Big Blue combines Intel workstation and server teams IBM today lifted the lid off its latest top-of-the-range Intel-based workstation, the IntelliStation M Pro 6218, which the company said has been built using the same quality assurance...

by admin 14 years ago

Minimo 0.008 for Windows CE Released

Minimo developer Doug Turner has announced that Minimo 0.008 is now available for Windows CE devices. Amongst other changes, this latest version of the mobile browser adds support for SSL (allowing connections to secure sites), a spatial...

by admin 14 years ago

Vista's answer to PC power woes

When it comes to power management on most electronic devices, things are pretty simple. There’s “off,” and then there’s “on.” But computers, particularly those running Windows, have always been more...

by admin 14 years ago

Update for Windows XP (KB886540)

Installation of the Media Pack will ensure that software programs and Web sites that rely on Windows files not included in Windows XP Home Edition N or Windows XP Professional N will work properly. After you install this update, you may...

by admin 14 years ago

IM worm speaks your language

A new MSN Messenger worm often talks to people in their own tongue as it hunts for new victims, security experts have warned. The worm, dubbed Kelvir.HI, tailors the language of its attack message to the compromised system, said David...

by admin 14 years ago

Internet Explorer turns 10

The first Microsoft product I ever shipped, Windows 95, launched 10 years ago today. Around the same time we also launched Internet Explorer 1.0 (thought with considerably less fanfare), which quickly gave way to IE 2.0 (which shipped with...

by admin 14 years ago

Skype opens up to developers

Internet telephony firm Skype is opening up its technology to third party developers. The move means coders will be able to integrate Skype’s presence and instant messaging services into their website or applications. In opening up...

by admin 14 years ago

Brico Pack Crystal XP

BricoPack Crystal XP is a free pack which makes it possible to modify the system files of Windows XP in order to give it a new appearance fun and variegated. This pack includes the icons Crystal SVG of Everaldo used in the graphic interface...