Microsoft taps Canon to bring Vista into color

by admin September 13, 2005 at 10:55 am

LOS ANGELES–As part of its effort to boost the graphics abilities in Windows Vista, Microsoft is expected to announce Tuesday that it has partnered with Canon to include an all-new color matching system as part of the new operating system.

The Windows Color System is designed, among other things, to help make digital photo prints that better match the images that appear on the screen.

“There have been advancements made in the past to try and solve the fundamental problem that what I see on my screen doesn’t match what I see from my printer,” said Josh Weisberg, Microsoft group product manager. “Those advancements have helped for professionals and advanced users but didn’t really do much for the rest of the world.”

The new color system is part of several changes Microsoft is making with Vista that are designed to improve how Windows displays graphics. The other primary enhancements include its Avalon graphics engine, now known as the Windows Presentation Foundation, and its Metro printing engine.

Vista, the successor to Windows XP, is expected to debut in the second half of next year.

Full article: ZDNet News