Assassin SE 5.1.1

Assassin SE is a new and powerful tool which was specially designed to recover your PC from all types of malware. Whether you are a computer expert or not Assassin SE will work for you. With the addition of such features as the Ratings System and over 11,000 process definitions; mingled with a user-friendly interface, the World renowned power of Assassin has become accessible to all folks regardless of their level of computer knowledge or skill set. Our exclusive process termination … [Read more...]

SafeSpace Personal Edition 2.0.41

SafeSpace is a revolutionary solution for eliminating the problem of malware. It creates a secure barrier between your computer and the internet, protecting you and your personal information against known and unknown malware threats. Surf where you want, listen to or watch what you want, download what you want. It doesn’t matter. SafeSpace protects your computer from unwanted changes, and stops internet applications from reading your personal information. Surf in complete safety. Download … [Read more...]

RogueRemover 1.24

RogueRemover is a utility that can remove various rogue antispyware and antivirus utilities. Rogue antispyware applications are applications that rather than remove spyware, provide false positives, distribute malware or spyware, advertise, or provide useless uninstallers. The main point is that rogue antispyware applications are useless and eat up system resources.RogueRemover has the ability to completely remove over 60 rogue applications including WinAntiSpyware/WinAntiVirus, SpyAxe, … [Read more...]

Zero Tolerance (ZT) 1.00 Test 13

Zero Tolerance (ZT) is a CD-ROM image (ISO, EXE or 7Z) with an acompanying graphical user interface (GUI). The CD-ROM image includes over 30 freeware software titles specifically designed to protect and defend your computer against viruses, worms, adware, spyware, malware, popups and unwanted connections to your computer. The GUI (ZT.EXE) is an easy to use assistant for installing these applications, with helpful icons to launch the software or help file(s), link you to the software author's … [Read more...]

ViewpointKiller 1.30 Beta

ViewpointKiller does exactly what it's name says: Kills Viewpoint Media Player, Viewpoint Manager, and Viewpoint Toolbar. Viewpoint Media Player is an adware/annoyware that displays popup ads in IE and on your desktop. It comes silently with an install of AIM and can be re-installed by AIM if un-installed. ViewpointKiller fixes all of that. It takes off Viewpoint Media Player, Viewpoint Manager, and Viewpoint Toolbar once and for all. Download: ViewpointKiller 1.30 Beta … [Read more...]

AVG Anti-Spyware Free

AVG Anti-Spyware Free is a free anti-spyware protection tool developed by GRISOFT for home use. Features · Easy to use · Daily database updates · Heuristics to detect unknown threats · Automatic Cleaning Engine · And most of all ... great customer satisfaction! This setup contains the free as well as the paid version of AVG Anti-Spyware Free. After the installation, a free 30-day trial version containing all the extensions of the full version will be activated. At the end of the … [Read more...]

iAware Personal

iAware Personal is a FREE solution that allows anyone to get protection against threats that up until now didn't have a solution. iAware Personal will check your computer against various threats and will detect vulnerable software installed on your computer by scanning your computer remotely. iAware Personal does not create any noticeable network load and does not carry out any intrusive actions. iAware Personal is your next generation security layer. Features: · Free local security scans … [Read more...]

BugHunter 2.2e

BugHunter is a DOS based malware scanner which has a frequently updated database of signatures as well as engine updates. The program is designed to quickly scan for and optionally disable/remove any malware found. BugHunter is able to detect Browser Hijackers (BHO's), Rogue programs, Adware, Keyloggers, Spyware (including some commercial ones), Rootkits which are file based, malicious java/html/vb scripts, and various worms. As BugHunter is DOS based and does not require installation of any … [Read more...]

Nixory 0.6.3

Nixory is an Anti Spyware program open source for Mozilla Firefox, planned for remove malicious data miner. It is a software written completely in Python and PyGTK, and it is supported by all most used platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS, Solaris, etc...) features - User Interactive Interface (Graphical User Interface) - Mozilla Firefox fast and accurate anti-spyware scan - Heuristic system - Definitions live update system - Update stats for Number of scans, removed objects and … [Read more...]

ATool 1.0012

ATool is an advanced security management tool, which can detect and deal with all kinds of harmful programs. Download: ATool 1.0012 … [Read more...]