Malware Immunizer 1.5

by admin August 17, 2007 at 4:19 pm

Malware Immunizer is created to protect your system against known malware and maybe unknown ones, it also includes legitimate software that are potentially destructive; meaning that it can damage the system, for example the software does not have a working “undo” function or making changes to the system without the user approval. It can prevents some of the malware from installing on your system, which means that you still need an anti-virus software and a firewall. Not all the variants of an particular malware may be in the definition file.

Malware Immunizer does not need to be constantly running, you just need to select the items to be immunized against, then close the program and remember to update it frequently. It is NOT a Malware Remover, it can scan and detect malware but it will not remove them, you need anti-malware programs to do that. The purpose of Malware Immunizer is just to detect and prevent some malware from infecting your system. Now Malware Immunizer can check for Hosts file hijackers and remove them. It can also download Hosts file to block bad websites.

Download: Malware Immunizer 1.5