Audiovisual Presenter 0.9.9 Beta

Audiovisual presenter is a program that makes it easier to present Microsoft PowerPoint files. PowerPoint comes with a feature called "Presenter View" which presents a list of slides as thumbnails that you can click on. This works great for presentations containing images but is difficult when the slides contain text and you are trying to find the correct slide by text because it's so small. This program makes it easier by presenting the slides in lines of readable text that you can click on … [Read more...]

Ubiquitous Player 0.999.8

Portable multimedia, audio, video, mp3 player, image and text viewer, filemanager. Ubiquitous Player is All-In-One multimedia player, web browser, image viewer, text editor and file manager. It allows: 1) to watch video files 2) to listen to your mp3 and CD music (including playback from folders) 3) to view images 4) to edit your texts and use notes 5) to make simple HTML pages (with tags highlighting) 6) to rename/copy/move/navigate your files (file manager) 7) to use built-in web … [Read more...]

CintaNotes Beta M10.3

A free, lightweight and user-friendly personal notes manager CintaNotes will be your essential assistant in the daily task of collecting numerous pieces of information, like your own thoughts and ideas, article excerpts, blog postings, famous people quotes, research data, curious facts, Wikipedia entries, you name it. Can clip text from anywhere. Just select it and press the hotkey! It lets you quickly jot down and tag any piece of useful information that you come across. Unlike … [Read more...]

Dragon UnPACKer 5.5.1 Beta

Game ressource extractor with explorer-like interface Dragon UnPACKer allow you to open the game resource files in an explorer-like interface then extract the content at will. More than 80 games are supported directly. If the game is not supported, Dragon UnPACKer include a very useful tool named HyperRipper. This tool searches for known patterns in unknown file formats. This allows to extract texture, sounds, music and more from unknown file formats! Dragon UnPACKer is Free and Open … [Read more...]


KCleaner - KC Softwares System Cleaner KCleaner is a tiny application (small memory footprint) than helps you keeping your system clean of unwanted / temporary files. It has a manual mode and an automatic mode which periodically scans and clean you computer. Download: KCleaner … [Read more...]

RealSpeed 0.70.30 Beta

RealSpeed monitorizes the current speed of your CPU in real time. Shown values are updated automatically each second in background. RealSpeed is optimized to use as little CPU cicles as possible while retrieving information, so it should not interfere with your other running applications. Quick facts - Blazing fast program execution. - Very low resource usage while testing. - Small footprint, can be run from floppy disks, USB devices, hard disks, ... - Quick startup time. - … [Read more...]

SnippetHub Beta

SnippetHub allows you to write down notes with information, thoughts and ideas that you want to keep and then quickly retrieve them when you need to. In addition, you can filter on snippet titles, see a history of recently-viewed snippets and import and export data to and from SnippetHub. SnippetHub Professional Beta has a 60-day trial expiry by which time a new beta version will be available to download. After the 60 days, it will turn into SnippetHub Lite. SnippetHub Lite Beta is not … [Read more...]

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 7 Snapshot Build b70

Java Platform, Standard Edition (also known as Java 2 Platform) lets you develop and deploy Java applications on desktops and servers, as well as today's demanding Embedded and Real-Time environments. Java SE includes classes that support the development of Java Web Services and provides the foundation for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE). The Java SE Development Kit (JDK) includes: - the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)- command-line development tools, such as compilers and … [Read more...]

Quicksys DiskDefrag 1.16 Beta

Quicksys DiskDefrag is high technology freeware software that aims to rearrange the fragments of files on disk, to be continuously and in order, so that the performance and search speed of the disc increases. Besides defragmenting the disk, Quicksys DiskDefrag has a system called QSICA (Quicksys Intelligent Clusters Allocation) for clusters optimization. The optimization of clusters using QSICA provides maximum prevention that new files inserted on the disk are fragmented and best clusters … [Read more...]

SuperCopier 2.2 Beta

SuperCopier replaces Windows explorer file copy and adds many features: · Transfer resuming · Copy speed control · No bugs if You copy more than 2GB at once · Copy speed computation · Better copy progress display · A little faster · Copy list editable while copying · Error log · Copy list saving/loading For Windows Vista, Seven and all 64 bit Windows. Download: SuperCopier 2.2 Beta … [Read more...]