Kludget Engine 0.9.4 Beta

by admin August 13, 2009 at 4:30 pm

Kludgets is a widget engine. Dashboard compatible, opensource, webkit based, QT Nokia based.

There are thousands of widgets, gadgets, applets, screenlets on the internet developed by thousands of developers. A lot of them are pretty cool and useful. But a majority are klumsily made, lame, ugly in design, dumb and inefficient, but still good enough because they function.

The Kludget Engine allows developers to continue to kludge away HTML, Flash, Javascript, XML to create desktop widgets or gadgets. But it will be the widget engine to rule them all, copying the best features from Dashboard, Yahoo Widgets, Microsoft Gadget, Google Desktop, Opera Widgets. It’s primary goals are efficiency, speed, ease of development, aesthetics.

Platforms: Windows and Linux.

Download: Kludget Engine 0.9.4 Beta