AMD GPU PerfStudio 1.2

AMD GPU PerfStudio is a real-time performance analysis tool which has been designed to help tune the graphics performance of your DirectX 9, DirectX 10, and OpenGL applications. GPU PerfStudio displays real-time API, driver and hardware data which can be visualized using extremely flexible plotting and bar chart mechanisms. The application being profiled maybe executed locally or remotely over the network. GPU PerfStudio allows the developer to override key rendering states in real-time for … [Read more...]

CPU TrueSpeed 1.8

CPU TrueSpeed will calculate the actual speed (frequency) of the microprocessor (CPU) in your computer. The speed of the CPU is rated by how many cycles it runs per second. This speed is measured in Hertz (Hz). 1 Hz is one cycle per second. A Pentium III computer, for example, with a CPU rating of 500 MHz has a speed of 500 million cycles per second. Actual CPU frequency is not the same frequency which is reported by CPU manufactures. The reported frequency is the clock frequency for which … [Read more...]

Mz Cpu Accelerator 3.1

Mz Cpu Accelerator is an application that automatically changes the priority of the foreground window, by allocating more CPU power to the currently active application (program-game). Automatically de-allocates CPU priority when a new active application is selected. It works on any version of Windows. Download: Mz Cpu Accelerator 3.1 … [Read more...]

CrystalDMI 1.0.5

CrystalDMI get BIOS information by DMI (Desktop management Interface). Features - SMBIOS/DMI Information- Dump VGA BIOS- Dump Ext. BIOS- Dump BIOS Download: CrystalDMI 1.0.5 Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT4/Me/98/95 (x86/x64) … [Read more...]

WinRing0 1.2.1a

WinRing0 is a hardware access library for Windows. WinRing0 provides your application to access IO port, MSR, PCI bus, and Physical Memory. WinRing0 is distributed under a modified BSD license. Download: WinRing0 1.2.1a … [Read more...]

FloatLED 1.03

FloatLED: One of the few HD LED software on the market that does what it is supposed to do: Show HD activity. Features 1: Your regular drive LED on the hardware PC only have 1 LED, meaning you'd never know if there was activity on another partition or physical drive. 2: If your laptop or desktop PC has a defective LED, you are hereby saved by this program. 3: I don't really want to break my neck trying to see activity of the HD located down and right below underneath the table in the … [Read more...]

Memtest86 3.5

Memtest86 is thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers. BIOS based memory tests are a quick, cursory check and often miss many of the failures that are detected by Memtest86. Memtest86 was developed by Chris Brady with a first release in 1994. However, the testing algorithms used have been under development since 1981 and have been previously implemented on Dec PDP-11, VAX-11/780 and Cray XMP architectures. Development and distribution of Memtest86 is now funded and … [Read more...]

NextSensor Build 0131 Final

NextSensor is extremely easy to use temperature and voltage monitoring tool with an advanced graphic interface. Provides probing of Vcore, VDIMM, VAGP, VBAT, 5VSB, 3VSB, +12, -12, +5V, -5V, +3.3V sensor lines. Shows the temperature of the Processor, the North Bridge and the Hard Disk on the Tray Bar using separate LED indicators. The program is capable to monitor negative temperatures and three FAN speeds. The current version supports many popular Winbond, Fintek and ITE Super I/O LPC chips. … [Read more...]

AuthScanner Build 0325

AuthScanner (Jungle's BrainScanner) is a unique experimental tool that provides storing, handling, editing, comparing, recognition and decoding of code matrixes of the AMD64 processors. Download: AuthScanner Build 0325 … [Read more...]

Intel Matrix Storage Manager

Intel Matrix Storage Manager provides software support for high-performance Serial ATA RAID 0 arrays, fault-tolerant Serial ATA RAID 1 arrays, high capacity and fault-tolerant Serial ATA RAID 5 arrays and high performance and fault-tolerant Serial ATA RAID 10 arrays on select supported chipsets using select operating systems. Intel Matrix Storage Manager also provides support for Intel® Rapid Recover Technology, AHCI Native Command Queuing for increased performance, matrix RAID for two RAID … [Read more...]