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by admin 5 years ago

Facebook’s CEO to meet PM Modi today

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg started an India visit on Thursday with an aim to link India’s pressing needs for development with his own ambitious plan to lift up hundreds of millions of people above the digital poverty line – and...

by admin 9 years ago

Firefox 4 Beta 1: A Visual Tour

Mozilla recently released the first beta version of Firefox 4, the next iteration of the world’s second most popular browser (after Internet Explorer). The new Firefox offers the usual under-the-hood tweaks you’d expect, such...

by admin 9 years ago

Now, access Facebook on mobile devices for free

Popular social networking site Facebook can now be accessed through mobile devices for free or without any data charges in 45 countries, including India, on select mobile networks. Facebook, which has over 400 million users worldwide, has...

by admin 9 years ago

Microsoft To End Support For Windows 2000, XP

Consumers and businesses still using Windows 2000 (desktop and server) and Windows XP SP2 will see the end of Microsoft’s official tech support on July 13, 2010. Microsoft will withdraw support which means that Windows XP users can...

by admin 9 years ago

Gmail goes down, Google apologizes

Some users of the popular Gmail service faced difficulties while trying to access their accounts on Tuesday, encountering a “Server 502 error”. The error did not affect all users, with most subscribers able...

by admin 9 years ago

Worm spreading via Yahoo Messenger

A worm is spreading via Yahoo Instant Messenger Thursday that tricks people into downloading what they think is a photo from a friend but is instead malware that installs a backdoor on Windows systems and spreads to a victim’s IM...

by admin 9 years ago

One in four Facebook users ignore security controls

A recent survey suggests that almost a quarter of Facebook users do not do enough to protect their own data on the social networking site. Some 23 per cent of Facebook users are either unaware of the privacy protections offered by the site,...

by admin 9 years ago

Windows 7 Stability And Reliability Update April 2010

Microsoft has released a stability and reliability update for both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 which fix a number of issues in both operating systems. The issues that have been fixed in the update are: * Windows Explorer crashes...

by admin 9 years ago

Inside NASA’s world-class supercomputer center

At NASA’s advanced supercomputing facility, at its Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., the space agency maintains Pleiades, which at a current official measurement of 973 teraflops–or 973 trillion floating point operations...

by admin 9 years ago

iPad Goes From Zero to 1 Million in 28 Days

Apple has managed to sell 1 million iPads in just under a month, a rate of sales that beat the original iPhone’s first launch figures. Consumers’ response to the iPad will no doubt increase pressure on other hardware and software...

by admin 9 years ago

Hackers release jailbreak for iPad and newer iPhones

Hackers have once again wrested a measure of control from Apple’s iron-fisted grasp of iPads and newer iPhones with the release of jailbreaking software that allows hundreds of unapproved apps to be installed on the devices. The package,...