Hackers release jailbreak for iPad and newer iPhones

Hackers have once again wrested a measure of control from Apple's iron-fisted grasp of iPads and newer iPhones with the release of jailbreaking software that allows hundreds of unapproved apps to be installed on the devices. The package, called Spirit, was released over the weekend for devices running firmware versions 3.1.2, 3.1.3, and 3.2, which until now weren't easily freed from Steve Jobs' Howard-Hughesian control. The software allows users to customize homescreen images, tether the … [Read more...]

Windows Live Messenger 2011 beta will arrive in June

The next version of instant messaging software from Microsoft will be finalized in late summer, along with other software and online services of the galaxy Live. Towards the end of the summer, probably around the beginning of September, and the school year that Microsoft will offer the new version of its instant messaging software. Named for the moment Windows Live Messenger 2011, it will probably be known at the time of this renewal, which will also all other Live services, Microsoft. … [Read more...]

The iPad 3G: Is the extra $130 worth it?

Apple's newest iPad, the 3G-equipped model that arrived Friday, is identical to the earlier Wi-Fi-only model, save for a plastic black strip running along the top of the device -- for 3G reception -- and a SIM card slot on the lower left side. Otherwise, the iPad 3G offers the same features as the model that arrived April 3: same solid design and construction, same bright and sharp 9.7-inch screen, same battery life. Other than weighing a tenth of a pound more (1.6 pounds instead of 1.5), the … [Read more...]

Adobe launches Creative Suite 5 Master Collection

Adobe systems has announced the launch of new Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection which will enable deploying content across different media, including print, internet, and mobile devices. The design and development software offers more than 250 new features including full-version upgrades of creative tools. The suit features integration with online content and digital marketing measurement and optimization capabilities. It also offers workflow improvements for designers and … [Read more...]

Microsoft exec touts Windows 7′s strength

Windows 7 has been relatively well-received since its launch, but one of the key questions has been whether it will help Microsoft gain share against Apple, particularly in the U.S. consumer market. Microsoft says that last quarter's results show that is starting to happen. "It was a key goal and a key accomplishment for the quarter...to gain share against Apple," Reller said. "Clearly we made some inroads with those key audiences." Read more: news.cnet.com … [Read more...]

Microsoft previews next version of Messenger

Open beta of chat application due this summer Microsoft has revealed details of a new version of its Messenger chat application, along with the launch of Messenger Connect, which is aimed at web developers looking to create applications for partner sites. The company said in a blog post that the releases include tighter integration with social networking sites and better quality video. The next version of Messenger will be released as an open beta this summer, and offers three principal … [Read more...]

Firefox Available for Android…Pre-Alpha

There's finally a version of Firefox available for Android phones...although it's rough enough around the edges to be called "pre-alpha." The competition for Web browsers on Google’s Android platform seems to be heating up: although Opera Software’s Opera Mini has been available as an alternative to Android’s built-in WebKit-based browser since late last year, today a major new player might have turned up: Firefox. Mobile versions of Firefox have been known under the codename Fennec, … [Read more...]

Microsoft Readies Embedded Version Of Windows 7

Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) is one step closer to releasing a version of its Windows 7 operating system for embedded devices such as industrial controls and set-top boxes. Microsoft said Windows Embedded Standard 7, which the company described as a "highly customizable and componentized form" of the Windows 7 operating system, has been released to manufacturing. Microsoft releases new products to manufacturing when their code is locked down and the product is ready to be copied for general … [Read more...]

Apple snaps up Intrinsity, a chip designer that helped create the iPad’s A4 processor

The ARM design firm Intrinsity is behind both the iPad’s A4 processor and a system-on-a-chip based on ARM’s Cortex-A8 CPU blueprint that Apple put inside the iPhone and iPod touch. The Mac maker reportedly snapped up this small, privately-owned Austin, Texas-based firm for an estimated $121 million, the New York Times reported. Sources told the paper that Intrinsity’s engineers were able to take the iPhone’s 650MHz ARM’s Cortex-A8 CPU and clock it all the way up to a 1GHz … [Read more...]

Google Acquires Widgit Maker Labpixies

Today Google announced, via its blog, that it has acquired Labpixies.com, which makes the widgits for iGoogle, Facebook, Android and iPhones. As iGoogle staff blogger Don Loeb puts it: “Many users want e-mail, videos, news, weather, games and other information to be at their fingertips each time they open up a browser window” instead of the Google logo. Read more: tmcnet.com … [Read more...]