The iPad 3G: Is the extra $130 worth it?

by admin May 3, 2010 at 11:01 pm

Apple’s newest iPad, the 3G-equipped model that arrived Friday, is identical to the earlier Wi-Fi-only model, save for a plastic black strip running along the top of the device — for 3G reception — and a SIM card slot on the lower left side. Otherwise, the iPad 3G offers the same features as the model that arrived April 3: same solid design and construction, same bright and sharp 9.7-inch screen, same battery life.

Other than weighing a tenth of a pound more (1.6 pounds instead of 1.5), the big difference is that you can now take online access pretty much wherever you go — as long as there’s an AT&T 3G network nearby and you’re willing to pay an extra $130 (plus a monthly fee) for the privilege.

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