Google Acquires Online Video Platform Episodic

Google is definitely on a buying spree this year. The company's latest acquisition is Episodic, an online video platform that Google will probably integrate into YouTube is some form. Neither Episodic nor Google shared any financial details about this acquisition. Episodic plans to keep its current service up and running for the time being. This is Google's second video-related acquisition this year. In February, Google also finalized the acquisition of video compressions specialists On2 … [Read more...]

Facebook Buys Photo Sharing Startup Divvyshot

Facebook has bought up Divvyshot, a one-year-old photo sharing startup. Divvyshot’s sites lets users share photos by grouping them into collections called “events” so users don’t need to create separate albums and instead can contribute to just one. On its blog, Divvyshot says its three employees will now be joining Facebook’s engineering team—and implies that its technology will be folded into Facebook Photos (the top photo sharing site on the web), saying “our unique approach … [Read more...]

iPad Already a Success

Even before its release, the iPad is already a success. And I can say that without knowing or really caring about how many units get sold over the weekend. On the eve of the iPad's arrival, my inbox is full of announcements about iPad Apps. Some of the major Apps from big players like the New York Times, Electronic Arts and the Wall Street Journal were announced in January at the same time as the device but now I'm starting to hear about lots of applications from lots of players like Zillow … [Read more...]

Google Receives More Than 600 Community Requests For Broadband Network

Yesterday, we wrote about the great lengths many cities and towns were taking to catch the attention of Google, in the hope that the search giant would choose their community for its experimental fiber network. The broadband network would be completely free for the chosen city (only the consumers using the services will be charged) and the 1Gb/sec fiber would be roughly 100 times faster than what most Americans get today for Internet speeds. Google’s plan is to reach anywhere from 50,000 to … [Read more...]

Infamous Hacker Once Buried $1M in Backyard, Now Gets 20 Years

Crime doesn't pay in the end Albert Gonzalez aka "soupnazi" was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Patti Saris to 20 years in prison for his role as a ringleader of an international group of hackers. The sentence is the longest cybercrime sentence in U.S. history. Gonzalez and his colleagues infiltrated corporate networks to obtain 40 million payment card numbers. The group's targets include TJX Cos Inc, BJ's Wholesale Club Inc, and Barnes & Noble. They used these cards to score … [Read more...]

Who Needs Flash? CBS Prepares HTML5 Player for iPad

Maybe Apple was right... if it can convince enough key players to adopt HTML5 The good news for HTML5 advocates is that Apple's iPad for better or worse may finally push the format into the mainstream, which could eventually displace proprietary formats like Flash and Silverlight. The bad news is that Apple has pushed a version of HTML5 that uses another proprietary format -- H.264. This week observers discovered that the homepage contained some suspicious new "iPad - test" links. … [Read more...]

Gmail to detect “suspicious” account activity

Google has introduced a new feature to notify Gmail users of potentially "suspicious" account login activity. "If it looks like something unusual is going on with your account, we'll alert you by posting a warning message saying, 'Warning: We believe your account was last accessed from...' along with the geographic region that we can best associate with the access," engineering director Pavni Diwanji explained in a blog post. According to Diwanji, Google's automated system will display a … [Read more...]

Microsoft Testing OfficeTalk – Microblogging Service Much Like Twitter

Microsoft is testing a microblogging service called OfficeTalk that is much like Twitter. The service is designed for the enterprise and appears it will be offered as an on-premise service. OfficeTalk is being developed by OfficeLabs, the Microsoft lab for testing internally developed ideas. The service looks almost identical to Twitter. Microsoft says themselves that they are in the very early stages of development and because of this "the OfficeTalk microblogging experience itself looks … [Read more...]

Google’s China Loss is Microsoft’s Gain?

As the biggest name in web services pulls out of China, the players left behind are probably feeling pretty good. Those remaining include Microsoft, but the market isn't wide open for them by any means. The Google exodus from China began when Google announced their servers had been hacked, most likely by agents of the Chinese government looking for information on dissidents. According to Google, the hackers also got source code that could be used for further attacks. And, Google wasn't the … [Read more...]

Opera Submits Browser App For iPhone, But Will It Be Approved?

After hyping the fact that they were building a free browser application for the iPhone and iPod touch, and showing it off to a small circle of reporters at the most recent Mobile World Congress (us included), Opera Software has officially submitted Opera Mini for iPhone to the Apple App Store earlier today. Million dollar question: will Apple allow it in, or leave the Norwegian software company hanging? Read more: … [Read more...]