SYDI 2.3

SYDI is the open source project aimed to help you to document your network. At the most basic level SYDI consists of a collection of scripts which collects information from your servers and networks, then writes the data to a report. Documenting a network can seem like a huge project, SYDI helps you get started. Instead of manually collecting information like ip addresses, os version, hardware configuration the scripts collects this automatically it can write directly to Word (or … [Read more...]

Database Editor

Database Editor is a solution for developers and administrators, who work with several databases. The Program allows to connect with several databases to view and edit data, create or change the structure a database, add and delete the objects. Supports the standard functions : export and import data. Contains the editor for SQL scripts with history of the call. Allows to adjust the schemes of the choice data. Supported databases: Oracle, IBM - DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, PostgreSQL … [Read more...]

Vanilla 1.1.9

Vanilla is an open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, theme-able, pluggable discussion forum for the web. With over 450 plugins so far, Vanilla is ideal for custom community solutions. Vanilla has been adopted by over 300,000 businesses, brands, and fans. Download: Vanilla Forum 1.1.9 … [Read more...]


eyeOS is an open source web desktop following the cloud computing concept. It is mainly written in PHP, XML, and Javascript. It acts as a platform for web applications written using the eyeos Toolkit. It includes a Desktop environment with 67 applications and system utilities. It is accessible by portable devices via its mobile front end. eyeos lets you upload your files and work with them no matter where you are. It contains applications like Word Processor, Address Book, PDF reader, and many … [Read more...]


Freeway is the most advanced Open Source eCommerce platform and includes an array of features not found in extremely expensive commercial systems. Without having to purchase a commercial system and then paying a developer to build custom installation, Freeway does most of what you need out of the box. For example, instead of getting dragged into purchasing an overpriced products based system and having a developer struggle for weeks and eventually fail to force products sales into event sales, … [Read more...]

Zimplit CMS 3.0

Zimplit - The easiest Content Management System for small web- and minisites - It’s simpler than any content management system you’ve seen before - No admin area - you just log in and edit on-site - You don’t need a database - all data is there, in HTML pages - Zimplit is 100% search engine friendly - You can set up your own website in 5 seconds - Zimplit is Open Source and free forever Download: Zimplit CMS 3.0 … [Read more...]

eHour 0.8.4

eHour is a free webbased time tracking tool for companies and organizations who need accurate information on how much time is spend on projects by their people. eHour makes the amount of time your people spend on projects visible and available as simple and user friendly as possible. eHour comes in two different flavours, a click-and-go standalone version or a .WAR file which you can deploy on your own Tomcat server. The standalone download contains executables for Windows, Linux and … [Read more...]

PHPmotion 3.0

PHPmotion Media Sharing CMS - PHPmotion is a free video sharing software that also has support for other types of media such as audio/mp3 sharing. The Content Managent System or (media cms application) will allow you to create and run your very own Video Sharing website, Music Sharing Site, Picture Sharing Site. With very little knowledge required you can now have a website just like ,, veoh, hi5 and best of all, its 100% free to download and use. · PHPmotion is … [Read more...]

osDate 2.1.9

osDate is a Free, open-source and Powerful dating system. Fully integrates with major bulletin boards (phpBB, vBulletin, etc.) and FlashChat, and provides several payment modules, multiple skins, and free upgrades. Download: osDate 2.1.9 … [Read more...]

OpenCart 1.3.2

OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system. A robust e-commerce solution for Internet merchants with the ability to create their own online business and participate in e-commerce at a minimal cost. OpenCart is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface. OpenCart is free open source software. Download: OpenCart 1.3.2 … [Read more...]