10 Teams Sure They Have the Right Stuff for Google’s $30M Moon Shot

by admin February 23, 2008 at 3:06 pm

Google has announced the 10 teams from around the world that will compete for its Lunar X Prize, a contest that offers $30 million in prizes to the first organization that can put a privately funded robotic explorer on the moon. Organizers expect the first serious attempt will come sometime around 2011, but teams are stepping forward with very ambitious schedules.

Ten teams from around the world have signed up to compete for the Google Lunar X Prize, a robotic race to to the moon with a US$30 million purse.

The basic rules are simple: Teams will compete to be the first to land a privately funded robotic craft on the moon, have it tool around on the surface for at least 500 meters and send images, video and data back to Earth. As far as the contest is concerned, the robot’s trip is a one-way vacation — no need to get the bot back to our blue planet.

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