100GB 1.8in. drives arrive soon; time for a bigger iPod?

by admin December 5, 2006 at 3:20 pm

If your 80GB iPod or other digital audio player is starting to feel a bit cramped for room, there may be help on the way. Toshiba has announced a new 1.8″ 100GB hard drive that will enter mass production in January 2007. The new drives will use perpendicular recording technology, have a spindle speed of 4,200rpm, and a peak data transfer rate of 100MBps.

Perpendicular recording has been around for some time, but has only become a commercially viable manufacturing technique in the past three or so years. It works by standing the magnetic charges used to represent data on the platters vertically. That enables manufacturers to use the platter space more efficiently than traditional longitudinal recording methods, which lay the bits horizontally.

Full article: Ars Technica